Hair Accessories

Limit distractions and give your workout the intense focus it needs by keeping hair and sweat out of your face. Whether you’re lifting, running or doing a HIIT workout, our Hair Accessories are designed for all types of workouts, and even rest days too.

Our Sports Headbands can be used by men and women, and can provide a whole host of benefits when training; such as keeping hair away from your face, providing warmth on cold days and even absorbing sweat so it doesn’t get into your eyes (glamorous, we know).

Hair Scrunchies are an ideal hair accessory for longer hair and are created in a variety of designs and colours such as pink, black, brown and khaki. Gymshark bow scrunchies can be worn to dress up your gym or rest day look. Whilst our scrunchie multipacks allow you to stock up and save on these workout staples.

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